What is the Hackberry Creek Home Owners Association?

Hackberry Creek Village is a deed restricted community with recorded Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions which govern the use of our land.  The Hackberry Creek Home Owners Association has the responsibility for the overall administration of our Village.  All Owners are automatically members of the Hackberry Creek Home Owners Association.  The Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors with daily management responsibilities handled by a professional management company on a contract basis.


How are the Homeowner Assessments calculated?

Each Owner is required to pay assessments to the Association.  For the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the Annual Assessment is $.34 per $100 of the assessed value of your home.  In addition to the Annual Assessment, a Special Group Assessment levied to cover Capital Improvements/Replacements ($.13 per $100 of assessed value) is also payable.  Assessments cover the cost of the following:

• Access control and management of our gatehouse personnel
• Maintenance of the streets, alleys, walls, gatehouses, parks and other common areas
• Communications – Hackberry Creek Living Magazine, Hackberry Creek Newsflash, Website, Resident Directory, etc.
• Marketing of the Village
• Discount on Hackberry Creek Country Club Membership
• Capital Improvements/Replacements
• Reserve Fund Contribution
• An on-site Village Manager and Assistant responsible for the day to day management of the Village

The assessment is calculated using the Dallas Central Appraisal District prior year valuation placed on the property.

Our Assessments are billed annually in early June and are due on July 1st.  All late assessments accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% of the unpaid balance per month until paid in full.  Late assessments are also charged a $20.00 collection fee per month until paid in full.  It is important that the assessment payment be received by the Association by the due date.


What is the Las Colinas Association and what is their relationship to Hackberry Creek HOA?

Las Colinas is a 12,000 acre master planned development located within the City of Irving.  All lots in Hackberry Creek are located within the Las Colinas development.  The Las Colinas Association is the Master Association for the Las Colinas development.  The Association’s goal is to preserve and enhance the quality of life and property values in Las Colinas through the enforcement of the deed restrictions and delivery of various services which are funded by the membership’s collective annual assessments.  Among these are: Architectural Control, Common Property Maintenance, Alarm Monitoring and Patrol and Accounting Services.  Every person or entity who owns deed restricted property in Las Colinas is a member of the Association and receives these services.  The Annual Assessment rate for the Las Colinas Association for the current year is $.14 per $100 of assessed valuation.  The Las Colinas Association is administered separately from the Hackberry Creek Home Owners Association and can be reached at (972) 541-2345.


If I move into Hackberry Creek, am I automatically a member of the Hackberry Creek Country Club?

Moving into Hackberry Creek does not automatically make you a Member of the Hackberry Creek Country Club, but there are membership discounts available. The Hackberry Creek Home Owners Association and the Hackberry Creek Country Club have an agreement whereby 20% of all Annual Assessments collected are paid to the Country Club.  In return for this payment, Association Members are entitled to discounted membership rates in the Club.  Information about Country Club amenities, membership, and a current Homeowner Fee schedule can be obtained by calling the Club at 972-869-2631.


What if I want to change something at my house in Hackberry Creek?

Any changes or improvements to the exterior or landscape of any home must be approved by the Las Colinas Architectural Control Committee prior to commencing the work.  Changes which need approval include exterior remodeling, painting (if the color is changed), new roofs, landscaping, etc.  The Architectural Control Committee Submission Form is available on the Las Colinas Association website at https://www.lascolinas.org/.  Interior changes to the homes do not need to be approved.


How do I get more involved once I move into Hackberry Creek?

Our community offers many opportunities to be involved.  Our Village has very active Women’s and Men’s Clubs, which sponsor and organize many social activities within the Village.  We encourage all homeowners to join the Women’s or Men’s Clubs.  In addition, we hold multiple community events during the year.  The events are coordinated and staffed by resident volunteers.  Whether you want to lead or follow, whether you have lots of time or just a little, there are many opportunities for you to participate at any one of our annual community events.  Information about events and volunteering is published in our bi-monthly community magazine, Hackberry Creek Living, and in our Hackberry Creek Newsflash.


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